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The fastest way to build a scalable and secure login

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Furo is an identity solution for modern applications




Integration time


Average conversion rate


Find the user's favorite flow

Automatically run A/B tests every month, and accurately and conveniently display all data about users. See for yourself how much Furo is improving your conversion rates.

Automatic A/B testing by login method percentage

DAU, MAU, Conversion rate by interval

Monthly User Analysis Report

Universal User Management

Manage with standardized data

User data, no more complexity. Even if there are various login channels, there is no problem even if data is fragmented or duplicated. Furo will help you manage smartly.

All user data can be called by API and exported in Excel or CVS format. Custom DB integration is also supported.

User Experience

In any browser, in any environment

Deliver a user experience that goes beyond a login box. All currently commercialized devices and browsers are supported.

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Design Editor

Design your own login screen

Furo is well aware that a consistent user experience is important for your product. Fully customizable for seamless login.


Customers say

Although there was a shortage of development manpower, internally, we were able to save time and focus fundamentally.

Sam Jin


The Furo team is a team that is active, fast, and solves problems together from the customer's point of view.

Jungrok An

CEO @ Rootrix

All services are provided on one platform, so it is easy to manage

Sideproject PM

PM @ Samsung Electonics

At first, I felt comfortable because they took care of security and dormant account management, which are easy to miss.


Frontend Engineer @ Naver

Main Features

Features available from day 1

Invite team members and share status

No need to ask developers anymore. Get clear visibility into when, how, where, where, and what information and experiences you act on with our dashboards.

Do not miss communication with customers

Starting with the welcome mail, it supports automated messaging based on data and authentication conditions.

Sending transactional messages using e-mail and SMS

Multiple templates, easily configurable messaging policies

Automated, targeted messaging based on user activity

It's okay to delay signing up for a while

Don't worry if your customers start their activities as non-members first. Furo will take care of all the data you need.

We will help you with everything you need to develop

Furo provides a development experience as easy and convenient as the technology or language you are most familiar with. The easiest SaaS, experience it now.


No more worrying about safety and security. We, who only think about security every day, will take responsibility.

Development DOCS and community

There is development documentation that anyone can easily understand and a community where you can always find what you need.

Dedicated technical support team

Did you ever run into a problem? A support team that treats your product and your problems as mine.

Clients and Partners

The best partners and customers are together

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